Stolpman Virtual Tasting

Peter Stolpman, partner of Stolpman Vineyards in Santa Barbara, California is joining us for a live chat and tasting of four wines. Tucked away amongst the hills and limestone rich soils of the Central Coast Stolpman Vineyards thrives. Dry-farmed, sustainable and dedicated to minimal intervention within the cellar, this winery creates libations that are refined and inventive. Only 20 spots available, so save yours for the upcoming virtual wine tasting!
To sign up, email and a link will be sent to you on Wednesday morning. Pick up one or more of their wines to taste alongside Peter! You can order online or in store for delivery* or pick up and receive a 10% discount on featured wines, 15% off if you purchase all four!
Use code Stolpman10 for singular wine purchases.
Stolpman Vineyards Virtual Tasting
Wednesday, May 13th, 5pm
Wines that will be tasted:
"La Cuadrilla" 2017 $26.99
Stolpman Vineyards Roussane 2017 $32.99
Stolpman Vineyards Ballard Canyon Grenache 2017 $34.99
"Love you Bunches" 2019 $25.99